AquaScent - 32 oz. Concentrate

AquaScent water-soluble deodorizer and mop fragrance can be added to any water-based cleaning solution to add a fresh scent and eliminate the smell of chemicals commonly found in cleaning solutions. Concentrated to reduce packaging, cost and waste, AquaScent comes in an easy-to-measure bottle making it the perfect non-toxic, non-foaming mop water additive.


  • Water-soluble: can be added to any water-based cleaning solution, without changing the cleaning properties of the solution
  • Helps eliminate the foul smell of chemicals left when cleaning
  • Accu-Measure bottle and an anti-foaming agent for easy, clean, accurate dispensing every time
  • Available in Apple-Pear or Country Spice scents

Envinronmental Profile

Concentrated to eliminate unnecessary packaging
pH balanced


Aquascent Apple Pear - MSDS
Aquascent Country Spice - MSDS

AquaScent - 32 oz. Concentrate
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