FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner

FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner is neater, faster, and safer than paper toilet seat covers. FreshSeat prevents the mess and waste of paper seat covers and toilet tissue used in the attempt to cover a public toilet seat. With FreshSeat, you can enjoy a clean, fresh, safe toilet seat with just a swipe of FreshSeat’s cleaning foam. With up to 700 one-second sprays per can, save time and money in usage, cleaning, and servicing by using FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner.


  • Foam dispenses easily onto tissue to wipe toilet seats clean in seconds and dries almost instantly, leaving no sticky residue
  • Up to 700 one-second sprays per can, making it more economical than paper seat covers
  • Installs in seconds, without the use of tools - plus, easy to follow instructions printed right on the dispenser

Environmental Profile

Eliminates the waste of paper seat covers
Septic system safe

FreshSeat Toilet Seat Cleaner
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