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F-MATIC Flex Dispenser - White $21.95

Metered Spray Air Freshener Refill

F-MATIC Metered Spray Air Fresheners offer an ultra-dry, ultra-fine mist of top quality fragrance through a dual odor-counteractant system to eliminate odors, rather than mask them. Because they contain no glycol ether, their ultra-dry formula means no drips on walls, no pools on floors, and fewer slips and falls. They outsmart the competition by offering more sprays per can (3,400 vs. 3,000), allowing them to work longer for less cost. What’s more, our spray air fresheners fit in the most competitive commercial air freshener spray dispensers for an easy change out. Available in four fragrances; also available with 9000 metered sprays. Compatible with the Flex Spray air freshener dispenser.


  • Dual odor-counteractant system to effectively fight odors, not merely mask them
  • Contains no glycol ether; ultra-dry formula means no drips on walls or pooling on floors, reducing the risk of falls
  • Smallest particle size available (less than 6 microns) for an ultra-dry, ultra-fine, long suspension spray
  • More sprays per can than competitors (3,400 vs. 3,000)
  • Fits most competitive metered dispensers
  • Easy and quick installation and service time
  • Cologne-quality fragrances in popular scents

Envinronmental Profile

Low-VOC (meets all VOC limits)
Non-ozone depleting

Metered Spray Refill - Cinnamon - MSDS
Metered Spray Refill - Linen Fresh- MSDS
Metered Spray Refill - Mango- MSDS

Metered Spray Air Freshener Refill
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  • Item #: AE200-300-400
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